Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hello dear Readers.
Mr C gave me another orchid for Mother's Day...
which is very generous because I seem to have the touch of death with them, and lose them after a few months...

and we shared these pink bun treats, all in the cause of Breast Cancer research...very important!

All too soon Monday morning saw us arriving at the hospital at 6.00 am, along with about fifty other people who were facing surgery that day.

Later that day Mr C had his right knee replacement surgery...
As some of you know, my dear HB already has mobility difficulties due to prior medical events, and it is crucial that this surgery is successful.

The rehabilitation in his case is necessarily somewhat experimental rather than predictable, and he is still in the hospital.  After a week of daily visits and the inevitable anxiety of a wife watching her husband in awful pain, I am quite the exhausted one...and I'm not even the patient!

In some ways I think it is better to be the patient oneself than to watch a loved one suffer extreme pain.  So far he is doing his absolute best to meet prescribed goals, although it has been a two steps forward, one step back, sort of week.

While doing quick trips to the shops, I found this glass water bottle to take on my daily walks.  It was 25% discounted which I took as a sign to reward myself with a little treat and replace my old bottle...

Brett Whiteley, Australia, [1939-1992] White dove feeling the universe 1985-92. QAG 
One day I did something I've not done in ages - went to the movies by myself.
Just had to see 'Whiteley' a bio-pic/doco about Australian artist Brett Whiteley.
He was a larger than life character, twice winner of the national Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes, and his work is held in all the big Australian galleries.
The movie is excellent - go see it!

Seen on my walk - loved the sunlight on those orange berries..
I'm doing my best to keep my spirits up, missing my mate of 45 years - we are rarely separated for more than a day or two...

It is high time I introduced our grand-puppy, who recently reached her first birthday.  Her name is Harley Quinn Moon Unit, or HQ for short.
She is fluffy and fun, and is generally adored by all she meets.
As she seems to love the camera, I predict a modelling career, as soon as she out-grows her love of rolling in puddles and mud....

Naturally I am a sucker for a pretty country wedding in a centuries old church, with touches of pink and cute children in attendance...

Here are a few snaps for those who missed Pippa's day..

Pretty little Princess Charlotte..

Loved Kate's dress and hat...

which reminded me just a tad of the hat I wore to our son's Irish wedding :)

OK, they were both pink...

Have a lovely week.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


It has been raining here for several days, always good for the garden, and I love the cooler days of early Winter.  

Winter season means ballet and opera seasons... 

Remember my pink silk coat I wore to our son's wedding in Ireland last year?
I wore it over black pants and top to see the Qld Ballet's 'Swan Lake'...

and carried this vintage bag which belonged to my mother.  
A perfect match..

No matter how often one sees 'Swan Lake', a good production is a wonderful experience. The Queensland Ballet under Artistic Director Li Cunxin,  and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra performing Tchaikovsky's exquisite score -
a combination made in the stars.

Costumes and sets were Perfection..

I popped into the Garden Centre to buy my sister a rose bush, and somehow this pot came home for me.
The parrot most definitely approves...

Miss Markle went to England to watch Prince Harry play polo.
A royal wedding coming up???
One of the first public appearances of previous royal brides has been the polo field.
What do you all think?

And speaking of magical moments, here are a few pictures of a sweet installation currently in the foyer of GoMA.
By the artist Pip & Pop, Rainbow bridge is a creation of miniature environments inspired by stories of paradise, fantasy lands, creation myths, and Buddhist ideas of the universe.  'The Land of Cockaigne' which first appeared in French 13C poetry was a mythical land of plenty: houses made of cake and sugar, pastry pavements, and so on.

Children particularly love the four glittering scenes dotted with tiny artificial flowers, woodland creatures, sequins and crystals - even a bird wearing a golden crown...

Mr Cardinal is having knee replacement surgery next week.
Fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome and a quick recovery.

It will make life much more comfortable for him...

especially when travelling - to Canada for Christmas,

and a European cruise in 2018.

We have plans!


Monday, May 1, 2017


Happy May Day, and look what I found on my 2017 Canadian Bird Calendar..

Our roses continue to bloom their little hearts out, bless them.
They are as happy as we are with the cooler Autumn temps..

Little Aussie and his Dad came for the Long Weekend.
Aussie had a plan, a big plan, to Make a Monster Movie..
See how quickly I rustled up some props.

He had already named his four monsters, and sat down and drew up costume  and makeup ideas for Rock Monster, Grass Monster, Lava Man and Water Monster.

Next he dictated the script to me, and I typed it in Word.
This took all of 30 minutes.  It was going to be a long Long Weekend...

Rock Man has red eyes, quickly cut from an old Christmas card..
Aussie insisted he must be grey, and happily put on a grey linen shift dress of mine...

Filming went at a cracking pace, with scenes filmed on his father's iPhone as we created each costume.
This is Lava Man rising from his volcano..

Mr C growled and roared as Grass Monster, popping out from behind trees in our jungle garden..

As filming progressed, Aussie introduced another character, Professor Longbottom, who observed the Lava Man.

My offer to be the Water Monster wearing a long blue floating caftan with a silk scarf printed in Monet waterlilies tied around my head was rejected...
ha ha, I wonder why...

The little scamp put on a blue shirt and a bit of blue tinsel around his head, and did his water scene so quickly I did not even get a picture.

Later his father edited all the scenes and made them into a narrative.  I thought we were finished, but apparently next time the monsters are going to meet each other.  That will be interesting...

He really is growing up, but there is always time for Lego.

Grandchildren are such lovely fun, and we were totally exhausted!

Meantime, over the past few weeks I made this silk shirt dress from two metres of silk found at a factory outlet at $4 per metre.  I tested it with a flame to be sure it was silk, and it is.  Love my $8 dress, even if Summer is just about over.
It has a concealed placket down the front with buttons and buttonholes hidden within.  Tricky, but I was quite proud of that, and the horizontal pattern matching.

We went to a church book sale today, and found three interesting bargains:

'My Love Must Wait', an old historical novel by Ernestine Hill (pub.1941), which tells the story of explorer Captain Matthew Flinders (1774-1814), the first person to circumnavigate Australia.

'The Peggy Guggenheim Collection' which we all know is one of the best things in Venice.  Good colour pictures and information about every art piece.

'The Small Treasures of a Lifetime' is a memoir by one of Australia's greatest artists, Lloyd Rees (1895-1988).  Always good to keep up the research.

Winter shoes are appearing in the shoppes.  My boots need replacing and I bought these solid looking ones to wear in Canada at Christmas.
DD thinks any boots bought here will not stand up to the snow and slush.

Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to smell the roses.