Friday, February 9, 2018


I returned to rehearsal with my Ladies Choir today, after a long holiday break.
So much fun to see everyone again, catch up on news, lunch together...

And Sing!
A whole folder of new pieces to learn, including some Gershwin.
love Gershwin...

It has taken me much longer than usual to get back to normal after a month overseas travel.  Perhaps it was the extremes of temperature, but I have been most depleted of energy, and struggling with several infections over the month since we returned.

Our absence during the height of Summer led to the loss of quite a few plants from the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect.
A little too much neglect and they were unable to fend for themselves without adequate watering.

Getting some new colour and greenery has been part of 'nomality', and I have several bright new geraniums and other pops of colour...

and a fresh fern, replacing several lost ones..

'Normality' for me also includes a bit of sewing.
I am making a denim shirt dress - it's been months since I sewed anything..

Pablo Picasso 'Woman with parasol on the beach' 1933.  QAG

and going back to being a guide at the Art Gallery.
 Currently showing is a complete set of Picasso's 'Vollard Suite', on loan from the Australian National Gallery, Canberra.

Made during the 1930s, the Suite features many engravings of Marie-Therese Walter, perhaps the best-known of Picasso's many loves.  That is her in the above painting, which belongs to the Qld Art Gallery and is also currently on display.  Picasso was going through a 'Classical' phase, and he spotted the 17 year old outside a department store, attracted to her 'Classical profile'.  In many of the prints, Picasso represents himself as a classical sculptor, with Marie-Therese as his muse and model.

Other favourite subjects of Picasso include the Circus, the Bullfight, Rembrandt, and The Minotaur, all represented in this autobiographical series of 100 prints.

Our son and daughter-in-law spent Christmas in Ireland...

and brought me a silver angel Christmas decoration:

She is the most exquisite little piece...

and look what she is holding:  a tiny bird.


Best of all, Little Aussie has been here for a visit.
His Lego skills are becoming very sophisticated these days...

Happy Weekend


Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hello, and Happy February.
We are experiencing a couple of days of cool and rainy weather.
It is blissful...

From our recent trip to Canada, a view from the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.. 

Lawren S Harris 'Snow II' 1915.
Tom Thomson, 'Snow in October' 1916-17

Now, is everyone keeping an eye on William and Kate's Royal tour of Sweden and Norway?

Seems to me it looks a lot like Canada...

Our DD's garden, just as a reminder..

But back to Stockholm...

There were snow boots, and knitted hats with fluffy pom poms...

fur hats, collars, and gloves...

A golden gown which divided the masses..
I like it, but I don't think gold or mustard are Kate's best colours.

There was blue velvet, which seems entirely appropriate..
why not wear fashion's most luxurious warm fabric while in Scandinavia?

Cute as a button in warm houndstooth wool...

One of Kate's special reminders...

Blue looks wonderful against pure white snow..

Tiny beaded purse I found at Pakenham, outside Ottawa

And on to Oslo - by Day 3, I think Kate had acclimatized..
No hat, sheer hose and fashion shoes, rather than boots..

and I for one think you can't have too many delicate blush pink formal gowns.
Kate is absolutely glowing, escorted by King Harold of Norway..

My favourite

I loved my Canadian snow boots..

and a touch of fur...

Oh my, isn't Miss Meghan chic!!

First speech already.  She is perfect for the Princess role.

Off to greet Little Aussie - a small boy and a wet day. 
We might be cooking and crafting, methinks..

Have a beautiful weekend


Thursday, January 25, 2018


Little Aussie,  2015

I knew I was back in Australia when:

  • The washing dried on the outside clothes line in a fraction of the time it takes in a tumble dryer - costs no $$$$, and no harm to the environment..
  • I met a little brown snake (deadly) on my daily walk, just glanced down in time as I went round a bend in the path...walking quickly so body in motion I did an arty sideways leap and forward jump to safety.  Can't imagine doing that when I am 80...
  • The lorikeets were back on day one, insisting on their daily seed - wonder where they go when we are away?
  • The garden greenery has grown by half a metre in under a month...
  • There are very few flowers...
  • And when a rose opens, it shrivels in a day unless cut and put in a vase..
  • A cup of tea cools you down, rather than warms you up..
  • We are eating salad most days because it is too hot to be bothered..

I think that about covers it.

Bought these at the Museum Christmas tree display in Ottawa - $5 set.  Love them.

For the first time in 14 years, our little hydrangea has produced blue blooms...
Always been pink until now...
I enjoy the unexplained change...

Tree-loppers attack our giant fig

Forced to buy a few cheap blooms to keep things bright

As we travelled home from Canada, the saddest thing happened.
We lost one of our Sewing Sisters, the lovely Rosie, after a long illness.

We have met every month for over ten years, and she was the loveliest girl, talented and full of laughter and fun.

She made me this block for my French-themed quilt, so clever and so pretty..

She made each of us a pair of these earrings..
Can you tell what the base is?

And she made me this pretty paper angel one Christmas.
Rest in peace with the angels, Dear Rosie.
We miss you so much...

Take care